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Greetings from Italy/Europe!

Greetings from Italy/Europe!

We are just wrapping up the third tour of Italy in the last two years.

Most of the shows the last few months have been as an acoustic folk rock/Americana/indie folk duo. I am playing guitar and singing with a friend from Italy on piano and backing vocals. We are playing songs off the new album, songs from The Beautiful Sunsets catalog, At the Spine songs that transfer over well acoustically, and occasionally worthy traditional or cover songs. For some shows I’ve been joined by Milan based Steve on bass and Claudio on drums to play the high voltage rock/punk songs of At the Spine.

As the three-month stint of shows wraps up in Italy, the duo is headed into northern Europe to tour through the end of June, then I’ll back to the states for some summer shows in the USA, then back to Europe in the fall of 2015! Join me on Facebook for the most up to date tour schedule, show announcements, news, etc. Thanks for the continued support and we hope to see you somewhere in the near future.

In the meantime, here is a link to “Sinaloa”, the first track off the new and soon-to-be released album:

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