Discography & Purchase

Our longtime distributor of physical albums has gone out of business, so vinyl, compact discs or digital albums are available directly by emailing: info {at} mikespine.com 

Most albums are also available on digitally in some form online at sites such as Bandcamp (best choice and pay for us) Itunes, Google Play, etc.,

And many are available on streaming sites like YouTube, Spotify, etc., but they pay artists very very low rates, so if you like the music it’s best to support our efforts directly directly by emailing: info {at} mikespine.com
or through Bandcamp (who take about 21% of the sale price).

Mike Spine and the Underground All Star Band – Guided by Love (2023)

Mike Spine – Forage & Glean, Volumes I & II (Summer 2018).

Mike Spine – Don’t Let It Bring You Down [purchase direct] (Winter 2017/2018)

At the Spine – At the Spine (self-titled) (2012)

The Beautiful Sunsets – Coalminers & Moonshiners (2012)

At the Spine – Vita [purchase direct] (2008)

Compilation – Sounds from the Seattle Underground [purchase direct] (2008)

At the Spine – Sonic Resistance [purchase direct] (2006)

Compilation- Liberating Music (2006) Released in Europe on Go Kart Records (Germany)

At the Spine – First Day of Spring [purchase direct] (2005)

At the Spine – The Curriculum is Never Neutral [purchase direct] (2003)

Solo album (2000)

The Help – Justice, Impunity, Foodstuffs and so forth… [purchase direct] (1996)

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